Logfisher International Sdn Bhd is the leading timber harvesting machine supplier company in Malaysia. Our headquarter is situated at Masai, Johor Bahru (JB). In the industrial development of the 'Logfisher' timber harvester, we have teamed up with Japan makers to produce a new improved version of the log series excavator base hydraulic forest harvesting machine. It's customized and improved feature provides stability and power to perform a range of standard harvesting operations especially winching of logs from the forests in all directions and terrains for both natural and plantation forests.



• Access road confined to ridge top to minimize soil disturbance and damages to growing vegetation.
• Skid trials for the side movement of crawler tractor replaced by narrow corridors;
• Minimal incidence of water crossing by machinery since logs are extracted using long cable.

• Ideal for Low & Reduced Impact Logging under all terrain conditions-steep land (of up to 40 degrees slope), Low land and Peat Swamp Forest in both Natural and Plantation Forests.
A New Ground Based Low & Reduces Impact Logging (RIL) TECHNOLOGY & SYSTEM especially Developed and Designed for Selective Harvesting In Sustainable Managed Forest Since 1999.


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